Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today, as I was pulling up to my house, I could see that the blinds in the front window were separated, and knew the only thing (person or animal) that could, or even would, be causing this, had to be Xena. As I pulled in, my suspicions were confirmed, and a barking fit ensued between 3 dogs (two of which think they’re bigger than they are).

I love coming home to her. She jumps on you, and licks you, and genuinely wants you to play with her. She’s cuddly, and warm, and lovable. She’s old (13), yet is keen enough to know exactly when I need a hug. She can be two rooms away, and as soon as I start crying, I hear her prancing down the hall. Before I know it, she’s trying to lick the tears off my face. She just cares and I love that.

*Note: Gustav is doing well. His little lantern eats batteries like you wouldn’t believe, so it’s not often I turn him on. (Picture below for those who can’t access the link.)

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