Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 Little Known Facts

  1. I never learned how to do the moonwalk.
  2. It pisses me off to an alarming extent that drivers licenses are handed out based on the opinion of ONE other person in the car who probably drives equally as bad as the person learning. I’ve driven behind those driver training cars when they are “out of service” and being driven by the person conducting the course. Those are NOT the people I want teaching my son how to drive. Ugh.
  3. There are about five movies I can stand to watch repeatedly. Unfortunately, for JK, the Bad Boys and Rush Hour films do not make this list.
  4. I never really liked animals all that much. Now I work around them. Go figure.
  5. I’m really good at knowing my dislikes, but my likes are harder to figure out.
  6. I love to eat. I hate to cook. This often poses a problem for me.
  7. I used to wear makeup every day (no matter if I was going anywhere or not). Now, I only wear it one or two days a month. Just too much work for people that either don’t notice or don’t care.
  8. I miss wearing a watch.
  9. When I was 10, my sister stabbed me in the side of the knee with a pencil. I do not know what ever happened to the lead that broke off.
  10. I have only been in love three times in my whole life. Each was different in their own way.

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