Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Is It?

DSC_1165                         DSC_1166

I have been asked several times, what the string with heart hanging from my rear view mirror is. I’ve explained the quick story a number of times, but figured this simple story deserved it’s only blog post. So, what exactly is the white strong with heart hanging from my rear view mirror and why is it there?

On a chilly October evening, RJ and I went to my parents house for mom’s famous chili. We were sitting outside, enjoying the cool weather after dinner, and RJ made a heart with the little red tie on the bag of saltine crackers we used in the chili. He was proud of his heart, so my stepdad helped him find some sort of string to put it on so that I could hang it from my mirror. The only thing he had at the time was the 1/16” nylon braided string you see above. I suppose I could change the string now that it’s been nearly 4 years, but then it wouldn’t have the same significance as the day we couldn’t find anything other than the current string you see.

And now you know…

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