Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Few Days Away

Three days away is just what I needed. Three days away from work, away from RM#1 (RM#2 is still out of town shooting a movie), away from JK, away from the city, away from the internet. Away. Away from it all. Away from everything that makes me happy, sad, irritated, stressed, anxious, annoyed, thrilled, excited and scared. I needed to get away, so that I could experience a whole new set of emotions. Or at least experience them differently, just for a few days.

When I typically make the drive up north, I’m the one in the drivers seat. I don’t get to look around at the beautiful scenery that the recent rain has brought to the mountains, or the way the wheat in the fields have grown and remind me of my recent crop on Farmville. It was nice to be the one in the passenger seat for a change.

Driving through cities makes it easy to sightsee into the lives of others. As my eyes wandered, I saw a young boy with blue hair playing light sabers with his dad as his mother looked on. It was a scene right out of my past. My son used to have blue hair. My son used to play light sabers with me and The X. I was left speechless for a few moments as I thought back to the house on the hill we lived so happily in, and the life I threw away shortly after.

Another hundred miles or so later, my almost brother-in-law (ABIL) and I saw a strange statue on the side of the freeway. Were we really seeing this? Did this belong to someone at one time? Was this a piece of art someone had in their house? Ew. It was a very large statue of a horse with wings, in silver. I can’t honestly tell you what it was made out of, but the color was silver (not brown – thankyouverymuch). It was tacky, to say the least. Ew.

Stay tuned, as I ramble on about other things, from this ever so fun trip. :-)

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