Monday, May 3, 2010

The Power of 12

12 again again

My favorite number is 12. Why? I don’t know. I’ve always attributed it to great things come in dozens (i.e., donuts, roses, eggs, 12-packs of beer), because the reasons sounded acceptable. I mean, what’s not great about getting a dozen roses? And donuts…they’re so awesome, why not get a whole dozen? Especially since they throw in an extra one for free. *wink* And let’s not forget about beer. If you have a 12-pack of beer, you’ll have more friends over than if you had just a 6-pack. Win, win.

roses               eggs              

Here I sit, some 20 years later, wondering if those reasons are good enough today. I’ve never had any sort of luck with it, it’s just a great number. I can’t imagine liking another. I haven’t been particularly lucky with any number, so it’s not like I can jump right over to liking another one with any sort of certainty.

beer               donuts

In high school, I wanted so badly for my basketball jersey number to be 12. I asked the girl that ended up with it, to switch with me, but she was not in the least bit interested in having my #13. Sigh. The upside, was that I was able to get 12 on my practice jersey. (And for those that wondered, the 13 did not bring bad luck to me that season.)

12 jersey               13 jersey

So, I ask the age old question…what numbers will win me the lottery? Those are the ones I will deem lucky.


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