Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to Drivers Ed.

So, I’m driving to work the other morning, doing my typical 70-75+, when I noticed up head that the left lane was closed. Bright orange signs for as far as the eye could see, once you came around the mountain, so no surprise to those of us that were paying attention. For over a mile there were orange cones and flashing lights. Cal Trans made it very easy to distinguish between the working lanes and the lane that was closed. Simple. Or so I thought.

Why? Why must there always be the ONE freakin’ idiot that can’t wait in line or wasn’t taught how to appropriately merge into traffic? (This same thing goes for people that can’t merge correctly onto the freeway. NO! IT’S NOT THE PERSON ALREADY ON THE FREEWAY’S RESPONSIBILITY TO SLOW DOWN FOR YOU. IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MERGE SAFELY WITH HIM!) Geez – get the damn laws straight if you’re gonna drive a car here.

Moving on… So, a few dumbass drivers, who have to rush to the end of the lane and cut in between drivers who OVER CORRECT, caused a big 5-6 car pile up right in front of me. Cars in my lane were slowing down because they knew there’d be people squeezing in, but did you really have to SLAM on your breaks instead of just applying a bit of pressure and moving to the next lane? I watched the whole accident…you are dumb! You, as the driver in the lane NEXT to the ending lane, should have enough common sense to know that you’ve not only got to be watching YOUR lane for idiots up ahead that love to break-check, but you have to watch the idiots that are merging into YOUR lane. Pay attention people! They taught you this in Drivers Ed. If you don’t remember…take it again.

When I took drivers training, I was taught that you needed to keep your eyes moving/scanning AT ALL TIMES. At any given moment while I’m driving, whether you think I do or not, I know every single car in every single lane around me. I’m constantly watching to see which cars change lanes and which ones stay safely behind slower cars to prevent themselves from speeding. I watch for cops on a constant basis. I know when I can change lanes and I know exactly how much room I have between two cars when I want to make a last minute decision. I know the length of my car and I know exactly where my car needs to be in order for me to get the tires to hit the center bumps (or run over something). I pay attention to the lines in the road that other people follow, and often wonder why someone would chose to run over a large open pothole (and risk damaging their rims), instead of slightly moving their car to the other side of the lane and going around it…never having to leave your lane.

One of the greatest things about being a bit into cars, is I can tell what cars are on the road by their headlights or tail lights (at night) or their shape (during the daylight hours). I’ve become real good at that (thanks to JK for making me  play that game all the time).

Ugh. Will the horrible driving ever stop? Nope. Why? Because the DMV doesn’t care about the actual “driving” skills of the person they’re giving the license to. Until they do, we will continue to have people on our roads that drive like idiots and have no common sense when it comes to NOT PULLING IN FRONT OF CARS/TRUCKS THAT ARE GOING FASTER THAN YOU. YOU SHOULD GET REAR ENDED FOR THAT!

Moral of the story: Dumbass drivers caused a big wreck on the freeway the other morning and it was TOTALLY unnecessary. The car in front of me had the whole front end of her car smashed in, and something from inside exploded all over the back of the Jeep that was in front of her. The Jeep was trying to get over to the side of the road, so I stopped on the freeway and over they went. I remember thinking as I drove off…”There are at least 3 cars involved in that wreck that need to go back to Drivers Education, cause if they did it once, and cause a wreck like this…it’s gonna happen again.”

Never heard another thing about it, so if anyone reading this knows the outcome, let me know. Inquiring minds want to know.

Talk again soon


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  1. Hahaha!! You crack me up! I too know most of the cars at night time...funny!!