Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogging 101


When I first discovered blogging, I thought it was... People letting other people into their lives. Telling the world things that can say so much about you. I wondered how people did it. I continued to stalk browse the blogs that some of my friends had, and before long, I had my own. (my very first blog) --->Food for Thought<---  I made it private so that I could control who was able to read the rants and raves I sometimes posted. When I built my first blog, I had 3 blogs that I followed regularly. I peeked at other blogs, but nothing that made me want to say Oh my gosh, I have to follow this one. That was one year ago this month.

i love blogging

Over the past year, my blog following list has grown from 3 to 157. A few of the ones I have been following don’t get updated anymore or are completely non functional. I’ll need to eventually sit down and go through them all, deleting the inactive and forgotten and saying goodbye to those I’m not finding I need to follow any longer.

This entire year has brought on new ideas and new ideas have brought on new blogs. I now currently have five.

Enough from me tonight. It’s time to move on to another blog.

g’night   -Valerie

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